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Advantages Of Having To Blow Water-soluble Fertilizer

1. Good effect

Water-soluble fertilizer is applied with water, the plant absorbs quickly and takes effect quickly. Generally, the fertilizer applied will be partially absorbed and used within 24 hours. Due to the sufficient water, the fertilizer will be absorbed quite completely, the fertilizer utilization rate is high, and the effect is good.

2. The application method of water-soluble fertilizer is simple

It does not require the complicated operation of mechanical hole application and the labor of foliar spraying. It only needs to be watered and applied with water, which is convenient and quick.

3. Use fertilizer evenly

Mechanical hole fertilizers have high concentrations of local fertilizers, which can easily cause "burning seedlings" or cause excess nutrients in some plants and insufficient nutrients in some plants, which cannot achieve the purpose of uniform use.

Water-soluble fertilizers and foliar sprays also have the problem of uneven use to varying degrees. Water-soluble fertilizers are used after all the fertilizers are dissolved in water. Therefore, the fertilizer is used evenly for the entire farmland and for each plant.

4. High fertilizer utilization

Fertilizer application in holes will cause fertilizer loss due to lax cover, dry weather and other reasons. Water-soluble fertilizer dissolves in water, enters the ground, and is absorbed by plants. Therefore, it has a large contact surface with plant roots, fast absorption, and high absorption rate. It reduces fertilizer loss caused by plants not being absorbed in time. Therefore, the utilization rate of fertilizer with water is high.

5. No damage to crops

Mechanical top dressing will destroy part of the root system of plants, affect the absorption of fertilizers by plants, and also affect the normal growth of plants to a certain extent.

Mechanical spraying will cause mechanical damage to plant young stems, young branches, young fruits, flowers and so on. The water-soluble fertilizer is applied with water and is "silent" fertilization, so it does not cause any damage to the plants.

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